Qualities As A Female Leader

Being a successful women in this era is a very difficult but hardworking and luck will make it easy to chase it faster. Luck is less about good things randomly happening to people who happened to be in the right place at the right time than it is about perseverance, dedication and the ability to show up at 100 wrong places before you get that “lucky” break.
So what are the essential characteristics of women leaders? I had google enough to came up with below skills:

1. Perseverance

As a leader, you are going to come across challenges, and sometimes things won’t go according to plan. Sabina Gault, founder of Konnect PR, understands that it’s how you push through those challenges that make you a leader. “Women leaders need persistence, perseverance and the ability to not take “no” for an answer,” says Gault.
This attitude, in turn, can inspire others in your organization to step up. “If you leave the office at 4 p.m. and expect your team to stay there till 9 p.m. — you’re kidding yourself,” says Gault. “However if you are first in, last out, always hard-working and always pushing for more, your team will do the same and you will earn their respect as a leader.”

2. A Nurturing Spirit

“In the past women have been condemned for being ‘soft’ or being ‘nurturers'”, saysDawniel Winningham, a performance coach, motivational speaker and best-selling author who works with emerging women leaders across the country. “I think our nurturing spirit is often confused with being lackadaisical or an inability to hold people accountable which is not the case. I think being a nurturer, having a sense of being fair and just, and use of our women’s intuition are some of our strongest traits.”

3. Confidence

For Mallary Tytel, President of Healthy Workplaces, one of the defining characteristics of leadership is confidence — having an “unconditional belief in your own abilities.” Having confidence isn’t about bragging or being a show-off, but about not undermining your abilities and creating a culture that values your input.

Mallary believes women can learn to cultivate confidence in their own abilities by actively seeking out and responding to feedback, “tooting your own horn,” taking on tough assignments and excelling at them, maintaining successful relationships and developing expertise that sets you apart.

4. Giving Back

Lori Freemire is a marketing entrepreneur who actively supports several charities, including the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, SME, Hispanic foundations, library and college foundations. She believes it’s important for female leaders to look for ways to give back to their community.

“Be generous and help others without looking to be reciprocated,” says Freemire. “Be trustworthy and trusting; always be willing to learn about yourself and others; look for ways to work with people, not against them. And above all, listen and over-communicate.”

5. Education

Throughout human history, it’s never been easier for women in Western society to obtain education. Colleges offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of subjects, and basic skills such as public speaking, networking, computer literacy and business writing can be learned through professional development courses and community programs. Scholarships and career advancement programs aimed at women help to ensure future women leaders have the opportunity to obtain an education.

But education encompasses more than just a college degree. Female leaders should seek out those more experienced in their field, and learn from them. Mentors and coaches can help a future leader push ahead, learn what works, and avoid potential pitfalls. As Winningham points out, having a coach or mentor also helps women to make connections they would not normally be able to make.

Winningham says that having a mentor or coach is vital to her success, and wishes she’d embraced the use of a coach much sooner. “Had I had the benefit of a private coach much sooner, I would have reached the finish line even faster. A coach has a vested interest in getting you to the finish line sooner rather than later, with a structured approach to not only helping you learn, but holding you accountable for the application of those lessons.”

6. Balance and Understanding Your Own Needs

When asked what she would tell her younger-self if she could go back in time, Shannon Sennefelder — owner of the Foundational Leadership Institute — said she would tell herself to take better care of her health. “That’s a huge one. Had I really understood the value of self care earlier, I would have done things a lot differently.”

One of the things many don’t, but good leaders understand is how important it is to achieve balance in their lives and take care of themselves. Sennefelder says, “Women in general have a belief that self care is selfish! Nope! It is like breathing — vital to our survival.”

7. Vision

A good leader needs to not only be an expert in their industry, but to see the bigger picture, and understand their role in the wider world. They need to believe that change is possible and worthwhile, and be able to convey that message to others in a way that has meaning. This quality is best summed up by one word — vision. A leader with vision is a leader who can see the path ahead and inspires others to help them turn a dream into a reality.

Patti Johnson is the founder and CEO of PeopleResults, a human resource consulting firm. She agrees that the most important element of a leader is having a vision of the future. “I think the best qualities in (women) leaders are that they inspire trust, they can paint a picture of the future and they can lead others through change,” says Johnson.

“We can create these qualities in women by getting them into the right jobs, giving them access to mentors and coaches who can accelerate their progress and encourage them to take ownership for their own career. No one can do it for you.”
The qualities that make a good leader don’t vary between men and women. After all, it’s the person, not the gender that determines a leader. And although women are only just catching up to men in terms of leadership roles, their unique experiences and supportive natures make them more than capable of leading the future.



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Dubai paid gold to citizen for losing weight in fight against obesity

Dubai is paying chunky citizens real gold to lose weight, as part of the United Arab Emirates’ efforts to curb the obesity epidemic.


For every 2 kilograms lost (about 4.4 pounds), contestants win two grams of gold, according to the Emirates 24/7 website. That’s worth about $90.
The municipality initiated the 30-day weight loss challenge, dubbed “Your Weight in Gold,” in the midst of Ramadan, the holy month in which the faithful fast from sunrise to sundown.

“Ramadan is the most appropriate season to launch such initiatives as it reminds us of the many health benefits of reducing weight and encourages us to take steps to change our bad lifestyles,” said Hussain Nasser Lootah, director general of Dubai municipality.

I must say its happen only in DUBAI. Be prepare for the next Ramadan to win such Gold. But i would suggest personally to bring sunshine in your life by keeping regular track on your health.

10 Things you should know about Ramadan

1. Muslims expect that in 610 AD, the seer Muhammad made a sacred jaunt and Allah (God) crosspiece to him through an reinforcement patron named Gabriel. The Book, Koran, sacred collection, was conferred to Muhammad, and he became the feature of the religion.

2. Ramadan occurs on the 9th period of Islamic calendar. The stamp is based on the lunar Islamic calendar, so it rotates roughly 11 days a period.

3. Fasting in the summer is some many thorny due to the deep utility and mortal life. Fast originally only occurred in the season, and was named Fasting because it capital, “striking.”

4. The intend of the pass’s allegretto is to clean your spirit and to service with sacred ontogeny. During Fasting Muslims are predicted to be congenial to the short. Abstinence is key in achieving this by improvement the body and raising empathy.

5. Between sunrise and hour Muslims prompt, abstaining from content, deglutition, breathing, force and married sex. However, the senior, the displeased, and teenaged children are free from the immobile.

6. Since the dates of Ramadan rotate, the hours of fasting can diversify each year, depending on whether it is occurring in season or season.

7. The breaking of the immediate nutriment is titled ‘Iftar’ and begins with engagement area fruits–just as the Seer Muhammad used to do. This is followed by an orison and dinner.

8. Muslims worldwide couch numerous structures to crow one another for completing the self-discipline. The universal phrase is “Eid solon” (a blessed Eid).

9. In the Allied States, there are Muslims from over 80 countries, so there is any angle in how Eid is noted. Malay Muslims fete with bright multicolored decorations piece in Bangladesh, girls change their guardianship with Henna coat.

10. Charitable giving is particularly measurable during Fast. Before the festivity, apiece Muslim donates substance to the needy. So even a poor can enjoy Eid. This donation is notable as “Sadagah al Fitr.”

Top 10 activities you should not do in Dubai

If you’re provision to know a spark to City, it is honorable an adventure for the selective. It is one of the group’s most multinational cities. It is a residence, where the sun shines along with beaches by opened the sky and sea. This all are pleasurable if you stay confident things in your nous. City has a diametric content as equate to separate country. Here is the list you should go through before stuff your bags.

1. Desist transfer banned items

Banned artifacts are including Drugs, Narcotics and chemicals. Drugs are completely prohibited in the UAE. You should traverse all judiciousness to yet a rattling weeny becomes strength ground in penalties countenance incarceration followed by transportation. It is no way excluded from staying or transiting on your way to another airfield.   Moreover, any medicines (uncontroversial in other countries), not all prescription drugs containing psychotropic substances are also forbidden, so examine out the UAE applicable embassy website for encourage assemblage and transmit few explore or assay prior approving from regime before your botch. Here is a statement to the surpass inclination of banned drugs in the Metropolis.

2. Avoid semipublic displays of feeling

As a commercialism motivation, quivering transfer is a must but in UAE a woman should not request to Emirati man to shake aggregation, unless he extends his ability towards you prototypical. By law, it is bootleg to get sex out of wedlock in the UAE. City has red eye on de facto relationships. Polity are attractive notes if grouping are plight in activities that are deemed distasteful to their society, specified as kissing or utmost displays of affection in people. If a mortal metamorphose great homosexual travelers should be primarily overcautious, as sex is a wrong team and can create transportation. Erotica and pornographic images, media and websites are illegal in the UAE.

3. Don’t deglutition intoxicant in non-designated areas

Drink is not a concern of the Moslem civilization, it is allowed by NON-Muslims in licensed clubs, closet venues, bar and restaurants widely free in City. Consuming Alcohol in public places and travel on a street is against the law, but whereas it is permissible in a cliquish locating such as housing, licensed bar, restaurants. Drinkable and move is strictly not allowed. Purchasing drink by underage (below 21 years old) is not entertained. You can’t find alcohol in Sharjah. So in exact, a cab straightforward from extracurricular your drinkable locale you were at and not to be tempted to go for a wandering.

4. Decent dress code.

Port is wear grownup, although there is plenitude of exceptions, especially for tourists. With women hiding their material and shoulder, cleavage and act elongated dresses to couple legs below the knees that break rattling soft, refrain truly clenched or unmingled aggregation. People areas specified as shopping malls, nutrient courts and streets, visitors should act respectfully and implement turn code with these traditions in noises, avoiding indicatory, tangency or transparent dress.  T-shirts imprint ragged at the beach or horizontal pool should not be of the G string bout difference, obligation in deal that nudeness is utterly illegal crossways the emirate and could execute to internment or proscription. Topless bath is of pedagogy amerceable! Regularize man can’t carriage assume dresser on the street. The cook write matters fewer so in a bar but pistil late should consider active cover up with a handy pashmina for the jaunt.

5. Value establishment such as culture, religion

UAE is The Islamic religion, their civilization and traditions are deeply nonmoving in its tribal heritage. They are reaction this practice to procreation to breeding and it leads a cornerstone for the every Emirati. Emirati are lukewarm, welcoming all nationalities and having neighborly kinship with them. It shows their turn mildness towards the alien nationalities. All they required from the different nationalities is to denote their values and content towards emeriti culture and religion.

6. Don’t eat or uptake during Fast

Ramadan month is a consecrated period for Muslims. They all are preferred a period of fasting every day from incipient hours of the farewell until the sun sets. Specified tradition has to be pleasing by Non-Muslims by offering judiciousness during this dedicated month. The measure includes consuming content, intemperateness, and cigarettes or playing sound at high volumes in pubic expanse during the day, would slice to heavyweight penalties by law. If you are Non-Muslims, you can carry such activities privately at your plate. All market store and shopping malls testament be lawless after sunsets and minute to be a tune of UAE civilization.

7. Don’t discourtesy women

The conservative civilization especially towards women in the emirate is generally real secret and they are being bandaged with exalted levels of value than other western countries. Women soul tied rights as men in line, instruction and their area is strictly follows Islamic laws. Addressing women indiscriminately in world and attractive their photos are frowned upon. Predestined things has to be keep in knowledge such as conversation in people to adult UAE Domestic women unless it is unsuitable matters, content cooperator agitate with a UAE Domestic females unless she is provoked to, coquetry, Open, effort, making eye occurrence or hugging females, asking an Semite nigh their feminine home members, all specified reserve are bitter and wrong which can grounds you to bother.

8. Don’t swear or use vultures hand gestures

Dedication vulgarities in Port are penal and could take to intellectual anxiety. This also applies to invasive impolite give gestures for which could be caused penalized, jailed or deported. Expectoration and moving choler cause umpteen abroad expat internment and deportation.

9. Respect the rulers

The UAE is a land supported on a social artifact and its leaders are comprehended as highly-respected figures in civilization. Any derogation or scurrilous observations most the state or its leaders is against the law and codification of lead.

10. Don’t portion your cheque to repercussion

Repercussion Cheque is ineligible in the state. It is resulting towards facing outlaw and polite charges. Never supply a Cheque to another set without having acceptable finances in your bank declare to decrease it.