What is life after death?

Inevitably, people come into our life in birth and then leave by crossing the veil in death, and we are filled with questions about what happens to them. Here are the eight stages of death as well as a detailed view of what happens when we leave this earth plane and move towards the light.

 The 8 Stages of Crossing the Veil

#1 – Peaceful Death

We all go through the ravages of death, be it peaceful or a painful death. The transition process after death happens according to a Divine plan. It’s normal to have some apprehension, even when we are totally grounded in faith. If it’s a painful death, all pain and suffering ends and a peaceful feeling takes over. At that moment, we might not even know we have died.

 #2 – Looking Back at our Body

Then, we have the experience after death of rising up and looking down on our lifeless body. We may see doctors, emergency personnel and lots of different people running around trying to save our life. Yet, as we look down, we are still somewhat in a daze and don’t really understand what is happening. We are trying to communicate to everyone that we are up here, not down there. Soon we understand that the body on the table is not important, and we move on.

 #3 – The Tunnel of Light

At that point, an angel takes our hand as we begin moving through a dark tunnel with a super bright light at the end. Others may start moving through the tunnel alone. While this happens, there is a feeling of anticipation – of something wonderful about to happen.

#4 – Beings of Light and Angels

Once we enter the field of light, we are greeted by spiritual beings, such as Jesus, Krishna and many others as well as greeted by multiple angels or light beings. Then, we are enveloped in a feeling of blissful and unconditional love. This feeling is typically difficult to describe as most have not experienced it before. There is no looking back now as we are only interested in staying in this wonderful place.

#5 – Life Review

Next, a review of every single thing that happened during our life begins. Rather than a viewing these experiences as a movie, one is actually experiencing every experience again. The life review is also experienced from the view point of what we caused others to feel while we were alive. We feel all the suffering, anguish, guilt and shame that we created, and we also feel all the love, peace, contentment and caring that we gave to others. Some individual look back and have regrets about particular objectives in life that never happened. Perhaps, we wanted to be a teacher, a dancer or a great painter, and we wish that would have happened.

 #6 – A Simple Question

The next stage involves one simple question — “Did you learn what you came to learn?” Answering very truthfully, there’s no need to make anything up or attempt to make anyone look bad. Only truth will answer this question. Then, we join the light of God for a short time or return to the earth plane to be reborn with some other parents. This process may vary slightly depending on the culture and the spiritual understanding of the person.

#7 – In the Light

Those individuals who have accomplished their purpose have a respite for a while in the light of God, while basking in the bliss and understanding their connection to the One and only. There is no time or space; there is only pure love and consciousness. If for some reason we think of someone or something, we are instantaneously connected to that person, place or thing.

 #8 – The Great Return

Evolved souls will sooner or later hear the suffering on Earth and will choose to return. Due to their great love for humanity, they allow themselves to leave the light of God in order to be reborn, so they can feel, learn and help others make their way to God once again. Even though they will suffer all the pains of being mortal while on the earthly plane, they march forward to love.

 If you have family members who are about to pass, remember the light of love is waiting for them.

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