Every day I want to be more like you…..

You are my best friend….I was little princess until and unless I became your best friend too.

You were not my friend. You stalked me, lectured me, drove me insane, were my worst nightmare & hunted me down like a bloodhound when needed because you love me!

As a responsible adult, I understood that I will never find someone who will walk bare feet for my success, who did not sleep for Sixteen months when I was away for my abroad education, the list of your love, prays, care and worry is endless.

I really admire you when people says “You look alike your mom”. I murmur in my heart that all credit goes to my lioness MOM.

Love you, because you are the only one who knows what ma heart pumps for and sounds like.
The only love I can believe blindly is your love.

I know your are gross and facing grey days of your life but I need my old, best, dear friend back. Miss you a lot.


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